Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Morning!

So it's Monday morning again. Funny how that happens every week! I'm in the same mood almost every Monday morning too... Had a good weekend except dear husband (DH) worked all weekend again. The boys really miss him. We bought a pumpkin from the grocery store on Saturday and son 1 has been bugging me ever since about Halloween. He's been asking me every morning, "Isn't it Halloween, YEEEeeET?" Funny how kids remember stuff like candy & presents :) Which brings me to my project for today.... a white fake pumpkin with stamping. How cool is that? I bought this pumpkin at Michael's. (maybe I should call it a gourd... does pumpkin only refer to orange ones? In Australia pumpkin means squash... hmmm... I digress.) First I masked off an area around the center about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide with masking tape. I used several layers of tape to make a wide boarder to give me lots of over stamping room. Next I used Stampin' Up!'s Baroque Motifs with black StazOn. Going around the curve and in to the dents was a bit of a challenge, but I'd start at one end of the scrolly stamp and roll the stamp around the pumpkin. Filled in the blank spots with the small flower stamp. Finally, removed the tape and, voila, pretty pumpkin!
I was just previewing the blog. Almost all my projects are Baroque Motifs! I really do have other stamp sets, it's just my favorite right now. I'll have to make sure the next one's diferent! Really, I promise... I'll resist the Baroque Motifs... hopefully :)
P.S. All that pumpkin wondering got me started... Have you ever wondered?


JenMarie said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty cool! Much better than I was imagining when you were telling me about it on the the phone!