Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paper Bag Books

Hello again, everyone! Life's been very busy again so this time I'll share my favorite Paper Bag book. I decided last year to see how many things I could make with one Simply Scrappin' Kit. I started off with this mini book. The kit I used was At Home. There's another kit this year with the same pieces in different colours called Home Again and it's definely on my wish list!

The book is created by taking two paper lunch bags and placing them in opposite directions. Next you fold the bags in half to form a book. On some books I just punch holes and tie with ribbon, but for this one I decided to do saddle stitching. I used my piercing template for the holes and white crochet cotton to stitch. The "BOYS" title is stamped with the Letterpress Alphabet and cut out. I added vintage brads to the corners and all the rest of the cover is from the Scrappin' kit.

These are the inside pages...

Everything from these pages is from the kit. I tried to make each 2 page spread match. Brown & green for the first two, blue & cranberry for the next set & brown & cranberry for the last two. The whole thing went together in a flash! All I had to do to finish it off was a little journaling around each picture. All my pictures were printed in 3.5x5 so that they'd fit the page size better. I've had so much fun with these books & even done a couple classes with them. Everyone seems to love them for quick Christmas gifts or Grandma brag books :)

Hope you'll have fun with them too.


Bethany Paull said...

I love all of your pages. They have such sweet embellishments.

Suzie said...

Rose, as always, your ideas are really cool! These paper bag books look really neat and are probably really fun for quick and easy projects. Just wondering, though, how long they hold up, since they are made from paper bags that will biodegrade quicker than scrapbooking pages, also, how long do the hold up to people using and abusing them? Just wondering because i was thinking of trying one for a gift and trying to decide which way to go.