Thursday, October 4, 2012

August's Missing Posts

Well, life has definitely been busy... Obviously I've been neglecting my blog. Brad's renovations this summer included digging up one side of the basement. This involved a very large pile of dirt that greatly attracted my children's interest. There has been a fine layer of dirt over my whole house since July. Next, my children brought head lice home from school. I am officially tired of cleaning!! I have been inspired to re-organized/redecorate my house however, so maybe I'll post some of it when I'm finished :)

So enough blabbing about my house, here's the stuff I should have posted in August.


I LOVE this picture!  There's something over the top adorable
about babies playing with their toes.  Really like the colours
in this layout too.  Love my new jumbo scallop edge punch.

This two page spread features the photos that Val Wise took
Mom, Toni & me at the Sleeping Giant Scrap.

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