Monday, November 1, 2010

November's "Very Merry" Kit

November's collection is "Very Merry" from October Afternoon. As soon as I saw the gingerbread men, I was sold!! I found these adorable gingerbreadmen brads from Doodlebug & got so excited I could barely contain myself, LOL! Once I started making projects, the ideas just kept comming. The colours seemed to just work with all my Christmas pictures from last year & the cards... soooo many ideas! Tammy & Toni both came up with some gorgeous cards that are listed in the gallery at

Another special new thing I've decided to start is an "Add-On Kit" for each monthly collection. There's always soooo much stuff I want to put into the kits I have trouble knowing where to stop, so for $10 this kit contains more goodies to enhance each kit! Love, love love the wild cards with this collection :)

And finally, hope you enjoy another video!! I've decided to offer a 40% off coupon to every subscriber to my youtube channel. If you have signed up yet, go on over & get your 40% coupon emailed to you when you subscribe!

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Little Miss Nobody said...

looks pretty cool, Rose! You know, I realize how much easier things could be to do with a little more measuring and planning when I watch how you do things compared to my haphazard way of doing things! Looks really cute, though, Rose. Love the gingerbread men! Maybe someday, if I ever get Ethan past 3 months in his scrapbook, I'll get to do fun stuff like this! You make it look so easy! BTW, sorry to hear about your van! Hope you guys are ok!