Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Present

Mom & I had a great long weekend this year.  My birthday usually falls somewhere around that weekend, so as a treat she booked two days & a night a the McVicar Manor Bed & Breakfast.  It's about two blocks from my house and it's gorgeous!  I think it's one of my most favourite properties in Thunder Bay.  The folks who run it set up a table in the corner tower in the living room for us to scrapbook in...  It was perfect!  Check out the pics
 So I've merged a couple pics together to show the whole building together but there's a little distortion, LOL!  Sorry...

 I made 5 layouts during our day... The creek is along the side of the property so on Saturday afternoon, we worked out in the sun porch facing the creek... So beautiful!!!

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Little Miss Nobody said...

Sounds beautiful! I love that place, too! We had hoped to have our wedding there.