Saturday, April 16, 2011

8x8 Album - Using up kit Leftovers

Although, sadly, it has been several years (5!!!) since our trip to Florida, I have not finished the scrapbook of the trip... I got just over half way through the photos and then was diverted to other projects :) My accumulation of kit leftovers is also growing so I thought I would put all those leftovers to use and finish an album too! Lookie what I made :)

This first kit was made using the leftovers from the Alphabet Soup collection and (how perfect is this??) the chipboard sheet of embellishments included a monkey! The orangutan in the show was very cute & funny and I loved how these pictures went with the kit.

Next I attacked my Timepiece left overs to come up with a two page spread for photos of the streets of Universal Studios. The feeling of real streets was so cool. Each street was like steping into another time and place... Cool! I loved how all the brick coordinated with the colours in this kit.