Sunday, March 29, 2009

April's Kit VIdeo

And it's time for another fabulous video featuring the April 2009 kit from Created with Paper ( The kit doesn't come out until Wednesday but I'll let you have a sneek peak!
Here are the still shots of the final layout.


Little Miss Nobody said...

Ohh! She has music now, too! So professional! (Except for one thing ... do you always make your videos for the world to see while you're wearing your PJ's? :-) Just had to bug you! Great layout! I even learned something, imagine that! :-)

Marvin said...

MaryAnn and I are on night shift and really enjoyed your Video--even w/ music!!! We LOVED all your new ideas!!! Couldn't see the rips in the boys pants from climbin' the tres tho'!!HA!! Bonnie