Monday, May 30, 2011

Scrap Happy Lunatic...

So I've been avoiding all my work in favor of scrapbooking... while that's great for my scrapbooks my house looks like a bomb went off :) There's a baby shower here on Saturday too! *sigh* Too bad house work doesn't do itself!!

So enough moping! Wanna see what I made?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Alphabet Soup Leftovers

This has really been my favorite kit so far. I just can't seem to stop making pages with it :) Even layouts that don't start with this kit seem to get a few bits of it added in.... Here's my latest layouts with it.

And just a little more Stomp

I've also been continuing my attack on the leftover kits pile. Here's a couple more Stomp pages :)

I even wrote my own mini poem :) Yay me! "Wandering together, let me hold your hand. Each moment precious, before the hourglass' sand." LOVE the picture of Brody & my mom walking on the path.

Sweetest Pics!

I love how babies look when they're sleeping... The perfect, innocent, little bundles. Baby pics are sooo fun to scrapbook. Here's my perfect baby :)

I'm so excited to use this paper too. It's Conservatory by 7 Gypsies. There's something about those old pictures of eggs all lined up that I totally love. It reminds me of my Grandpa for some reason. He loved everything about gardens and nature. Chickens and eggs are also a permanent part of my memories of him :)

Next Batch of Pages :)

One of the other projects I've started for myself is an album of school photos, report cards, etc for the boys. I finished Brody's JK & SK pages so far...

The SK page uses the September Stella & Rose Collection from My Mind's Eye so SHHHH! Sneak Peek!

Wha-Hoo! Sleeping Giant Scrapbook Weekend

This last week-end was the Sleeping Giant Scrapbook Retreat. It was fab!! Have tons of new pages to show off :) Wanna see?

I've continued to flop back and forth between my old photos and my new ones :) These are old Canada Day photos from when Evan was a baby...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stomp Collection - May 2011

This month's collection is "Stomp" from My Mind Eye's Abbey Road collection. This kit is jam packed with embellishments and the paper is my favorite blues and greens. I just kept making layouts. Here's the pictures of the kit and this month's video. Enjoy!